It’s a girl!

It’s true!  We are expecting our first little girl on February 14, 2012!  I’ll be honest, I hope she comes earlier for a lot of reasons but I completely trust the Lord in growing our beautiful little princess!  Today we met up with a few of our close friends to finally answer the question we’ve heard a million times since our most recent ultrasound on Friday, “Are you having a boy or a girl?”  We didn’t do a gender reveal party for Gavin and honestly I never really thought that we would end up having one for our newest baby but once the idea was presented it seemed like a great way to build up the excitement about our new little girl!  So Laura and a good friend of ours, Jill, got together yesterday and baked a ton of cupcakes that Laura filled with pink icing and I hunkered down and pushed through putting together 30 cute paddles with my beautiful bride!  We’ve tried to explain to Gavin that pretty soon he’ll have a little sister that he’ll need to look out for but he’s 19 months old and all he can think about are cars, boats, Curious George and milk…so I think we’ll need to revisit the whole big brother speech at a later date.  In the mean time Laura and I have BIG BIG plans for our little nursery and I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone to put up new trim, redo old furniture and come up with new ideas for shooting my tiny princess once she’s here.  We couldn’t be more excited and we can’t thank all of our friends and family enough for loving our growing family!  As for a name…yeah…we have absolutely no idea…Laura and I thought we were having another boy!  Here’s a look at our fun times today!





  1. Kim wrote:

    Yall are so creative and this looks like such a fun afternoon! Congratulations on a precious little girl…for Gavin to love and protect!

  2. Tabetha wrote:

    Oh goodness, Courtney! Reading this blog and looking at the pictures seriously made me cry!!!! I love you all so much and culdn’t be happier for you and Laura and big brother Gavin!!!! I can’t wait to see you guys again and meet your beautiful new blessing!!! <3