The Last 3 Months in Motion

I’m sure every parent wants to have every second of their child’s life captured in an effort to freeze those beautiful smiles and replay those joyful laughs.  Unfortunately, I can’t capture every sweet moment of Gavin’s life but I’ve done pretty well, so far, to capture a lot of really precious moments.  I embrace a lot of creative challenges in growing as a photographer but I don’t just see myself as a photographer, I see myself as someone who loves the creative side of life and is always looking for other ways to express how I see the world.  Having a child has changed so much of who I used to be into someone that I never thought I could be.  I’ve become a fully functional sleep deprived parent, professional baby burper, human spit cup cloth and all around superhero.  In spite of my new found roles God has really taught me a lot about looking out for others needs before my own.  I remember that transition almost five years ago when I married my sweet bride but it definitely became an even greater reality when Gavin was born simply because he can’t do anything for himself.  I’m thankful for all of the sweet moments that we’ve had with Gavin, I’m thankful for how my wife remains the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and I’m thankful that I get to be a father who can capture his son at his best and at his worst and turn it into something that people want to see.   I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting videos like this one but I’m excited to share how our son grows and grows everyday.  So for now, here’s the first three months of son’s life, the way I see him.

On the technical side of things, I used my Panasonic DVX 100A for the Standard Definition video and the 1D Mark IV along with my crazy arsenal of L lenses to shoot the rest of the video. The depth of field is amazing and makes me want to do nothing but shoot HD video everywhere I go! I had a lot of fun with everything and I can’t wait to start working on my next pet project! Enjoy!

Gavin Navey-Three months and Counting from Courtney Navey on Vimeo.


  1. Shannon Heath wrote:

    Courtney – this is beautiful! What a wonderful gift for Laura! I had a friend do a similar video for Owen’s first birthday and we used that same song for a part of it. I love it! What a sweet baby boy!

  2. Lauren Sykes wrote:

    Absolutely adorable! What a sweet sweet little one!

  3. Jim wrote:

    Now that will make you smile. Can’t wait for my next Gavin fix. Come on January!! I guess I will have to save my penny’s and hire you to follow my grandchild around.

    Thanks for sharing with us all. You gotta love Mac’s!!

  4. Kristel wrote:

    Aww…what a sweet video. Great job. :-)

  5. Leah w wrote:

    LOVE this!! So sweet!

  6. Michelle wrote:

    Wow, Courtney. Great job on the video…I wish I had your creative talents! What sweet memories.

  7. LOVE THIS. Sweet Baby G in all his glory! Also love the song choice. You’re a blessed man, Courtney!

  8. nancy ray wrote:

    so so precious. he is too adorable!

  9. Drea wrote:

    wow that was amazing…. makes me wish i had done it with my kids!