Andrew + Claire forever “Ruth”

A few months ago I shot Andrew + Claire’s engagement session and listed them as my first Featured Couple.  I wasn’t really sure what my surroundings would be, we were shooting in places that I’d never even seen, but I knew that Andrew + Claire were an amazing couple and thought that as long as they were in the picture together it wouldn’t matter where we shot because the photos would still be great!  I’m not afraid to say that I was right!  Great couple + great locations = AMAZING photos!  Fast forward to May 22, 2010, I was beyond excited to shoot with Andrew + Claire again.  I thought if they were that great for their engagement session that their wedding day would blow me away…and for the third time in my life, I was right!  It’s beyond obvious that Andrew + Claire are one of those couples that absolutely love each other so much that you really can’t take a bad picture of them together!  So how do I fit into this beautiful “modelesk” scenario?  Almost one year ago I shot for one of Andrew’s sisters, Mary Kate Humphrey, at her wedding and met both Andrew + Claire.  Mary Kate told me that if Andrew let Claire get away their entire family was going to be mad at him!  After spending five minutes with Claire it’s easy to see why they were so anxious to make her a Ruth.  Andrew happened to think that Claire was pretty great too so he didn’t let her get away, instead he married her and got a wife and a great dance partner for life.  Without going on for too much longer you have to know that watching Andrew + Claire dance makes me want to dance.  Of course I don’t have an ounce of the coordination that they do but watching them makes me think that I could.  Working with Andrew + Claire has been a beautiful experience for me and I can’t thank them enough for choosing to work with me.  Here’s just a taste of the the 3000+ frames we shot that day.

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  1. Awesome! What a great couple!