Andrew + Claire Engaged

The best part of what I do is getting to capture some of the sweetest moments ever between two people who are committed to spending the rest of their lives together.  I love engagement shoots because it’s an opportunity for me to get to know the couple as a “couple” and an opportunity to see what works best for them when they’re together.  Most couples forget that I’m even there and become really focused on just being with each other.  Andrew + Claire were no exception.  I met the happy couple last June when I shot Andrew’s sister’s wedding, who also turned out to be amazing in front of the camera.  I remember watching Andrew + Claire and thinking, “They really click!”  I also remember everyone in Andrew’s family wanted Andrew to hang on to Claire.  I think “hanging on” would be the most modest of terms for how he loves her.  There is no question in his mind that Claire is meant to be his wife.  I have to say…it’s very refreshing to meet two people who are so selflessly in love that it makes you think, “Do I love that well?”

I feel privileged to share in Andrew + Claire’s wedding experience and not just because they adore one another but because they are a dream to photograph.  I’ve posted a few shots from our shoot here on the blog but I’ve also added Andrew + Claire to my new “Featured Couple” section on my site.  I know a lot of photographers have featured content on their site but this is a little bit different.  Every month I’ll be featuring a different couple on my site with a photo essay designed by me with words written by the clients.  With Andrew + Claire it was easy.  They keep a blog of their favorite memories together and they update it every other day.  So I took exerts from some of their favorite stories and made them a part of our shoot.  Be sure to check out their story on their blog and my Featured Couple’s section.


  1. Courtney! I love it! Way to implement the features of your site and incorporate their story. And, I love the typeface you used.

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  4. Steve wrote:

    Courtney! I love it! Way to implement the features of your site and incorporate their story. And, I love the typeface you used.

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