David + Turquoise

So yes, it’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to really put together a post of a great shoot.  Honestly, as soon as I starting shooting these shots I knew I couldn’t wait long to share this beautiful family with everyone!  Meet David + Turquoise and their beautiful little girls!  They are an amazingly photogenic family!  Even when Turquoise was cutting loose she couldn’t take a bad picture!  I love when I have the opportunity to work with a family that knows each other so well and has a comfort level that surpasses any photo anxiety.  Being that Laura and I are expecting our first little girl in just a few weeks I was completely smitten when shooting these beautiful girls!  Although a lot of photographers may not confess it I can see how having children has opened me up to thinking more about how the child might see them self.  I feel like it’s given me a refreshed attitude about working with kids while behind the lens.  Well, enough about me here’s a look at our fabulous shoot together!


  1. Laura wrote:

    What a beautiful family and beautiful work!!

  2. Rachel Tatem wrote:

    What a great session: no shocker!

  3. Turquoise W. wrote:

    It was such a pleasure working with Courtney. He made us feel so comfortable and worked extremely well with our children. There were a few hick ups throughout the day i.e. rain, limited sun, and brisk air. Courtney worked his magic and had a great attitude from start to finish. Our experience was a positive one and I can’t wait to work with Courtney in the future.